Blonde Hair Tutorial Set for 3-D Reborn Hair Painting by Christine Woolley

by ashley

New Product! With the release of ultimate fusion we are happy to announce this new tutorial kit! Christine Woolley is a very talented reborn artist from Australia and now she is sharing her talents with our reborn artists! Painting hair on your reborns head has become more and more popular and now Christine Woolley's 3-D Blonde Hair Painting Tutorial will really help you to learn how to achieve realistic looking and feeling hair for your dolls. This incredible tool will surely help you to master the art of 3D hair painting. There is so much packed into this book and as a bonus Christine included her eyebrow tutorial! Whats Included: Lifetime membership: to Christine's Facebook help and support group that will contain help videos as well as Christine's guiding you along. 7 piece Ultimate Fusion full size paint set: 4 of her very own colors to help you succeed. 2 unique brushes: Already hand hand trimmed for you. Sponges & a syringe: For exact measurement. Teaching booklet: Over 40 full color high-definition pages of Christine Woolley's step-by-step technique guide in creating 3D hair as well as how to map out your head for painting. Packaging: All of the goodies will arrive packed into a cloth tote bag for easy storage. Full Price: $129.99. We just got the kits in we will be sending the invoice out for those who pre-order the set soon.