Fantasy Eyes IN STOCK NOW!

by Ashley

We have been very busy this last month! So many new reborn doll kits have been released and opened for pre-orders! A few of the new pre-order reborn doll kits that are available to pre-order are: Max by Sabine Wegner, Lotta by Sigrid Bock, Lea by Ping Lau, Eloisa by Andrea Arcello, Ducklin by Adrie Stoete and Adele by Ping Lau. You can always check out our whats new in reborn doll kits section for all of the latest sneak peeks and pre-orders.

In addition to all of the new items we have for you,  check out our WIDE SELECTION of reborn doll kit and fantasy doll kit eyes that we have added! With so many colors, sizes and suppliers, we have the best selection of eyes in the world. Check out and order a pair for your next reborn doll kit! You will love them!