Let's Get Spooky!

by Ashley

Halloween is next Week!!! With that being said lets talk about our beautiful fantasy kits we have! We have all sorts of cute creatures in stock and coming soon! Our fairies are so cute you could die! Zodi and Petunia the micro-preemie fairy by Marita Winters, they are 10 inches long and cute as a button! We also have Opal by Shawna Clymer! She is fourteen inches long and just precious! We also have two kinds of elves!!! We have Venera the Elf by Olga Tschenskaja, she is a tall pretty Elf. She is twenty-four inches long and a limited edition of 1000! We also have three different Manor elves! (Similar to house elves in harry potter series) The first manor elf is Tinky the toddler elf by Cindy Musgrove! She will be 17 inches tall and be able to stand with her straight legs! Tinkey also has two siblings Beesley and Bipsey! Both will be twelve inches! Beesley will be asleep and bipsey will be awake! We also have two dragons! Always wanted a fire breathing friend? Now is your chance! Draken and Octavia are beautifully sculpted baby dragons! Draken by Sarah Mellman is fourteen inches long and comes with nine vinyl parts! Octavia is a butterfly dragon! She is by Jade Warner and will be nineteen inches long! We just announced our alien baby! Elara will be fourteen inches long and so cute. You have to look at her little feet! Then there is Lucian the Hybrid! We are still waiting on information on this kit but he is still pretty cool and worth checking out!