New Product Alert!!!

by ashley

We have a new product coming out with in the next couple weeks. Ultimate Fusion is a new company based in Australia. Heat set and oil paint users can convert to Ultimate Fusion air dry paint with ease, due to the cleverly designed formula. Qualities are so similar to oil paint and the vinyl itself that it fuses to become one with the vinyl. It is quality paint that is very highly pigmented, light fast, and flexible when dry. Fade resistant and heavy duty formula make it the only paint designed to withstand extended play once dry. Perfect for collectors who enjoy interacting with their art. Can be used straight out of the bottle for 3D effect or add water for translucent water color painting techniques. No need to add open time mediums or any others as its created to be an ALL IN ONE paint with amazing blending qualities. Translucent and water color application take up to 24 - 72 hours to fully cure! This paint also sticks to wood, glass, canvas, paper, and fabric. This acrylic paint behaves like oil paint and will produce fine quality artwork. We will be receiving the starter kit soon. The starter kit has 17 pieces in it 11 paints, shine remover, blendflow, gloss varnish, pipette, brush set, drawstring bag and FREE tutorial codes. There will be over 100 colors of paint. The starter kit will cost $79.99. Along with getting a new paint line in we will also be getting three new kits in. Pre-orders for Ramsey by Cassie Brace will be coming on August 15th and Robin awake/sleep by Nikki Johnston will be coming August 12th.