by Ashley

We have announced new Sneak Peaks!  We also have an official pre-order release date for Olive by Ping Lau! Olive will be available to pre-order on Thursday, August 30th! Olive by Ping Lau is a vinyl doll kit that comes with a head, full arms and full legs. You will also have the choice of either a girl tummy plate or a boy tummy plate. In addition, there will be a back (tushy) plate included.  Emery by Kyla Janell is a limited edition vinyl reborn doll kit that comes with a sculpted head, full arms, full legs. . Emery will measure approximately twenty inches in length when finished. we also have a sneak peek for lil cry by Philomena Donnelly this one also we do not have a lot of information.

In addition:

Nora and Flora by Sigrid Bock will open for Pre-Orders on Sept. 14th, 2018.