Ummmmm Freaky????

by Ashley

Fantasy Kits are on fire! Huge trend in reborning dolls right now are the fantasy kits and why wouldn't they be? So cute! Dragons, Aliens and Animals! Oh My! With the new trend artist have had to come out with new products to fit these cuties! One of our NEW PRODUCTS are the Fantasy eyes! Sarah Mellman and Jade Warner have both made beautiful eyes for these kits! Sarah's eye's are all hand printed sizes include 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm 25mm and 26mm! Jade's eyes are hand printed or hand painted the sizes included 18mm or 20mm! These eyes are purrrfect for your next furry or scaly friend! Maybe your next friend is out of this world? We have eyes for them too! Check out our fantasy kits and fantasy eyes and bring home your next freaky friend today!