Whats going on in the irresistables world?

by Ashley

Whats going on in the irresistables world? Mei-Lien, Petya and Alouette are all in stock and ready to be ordered to come home to you! Nora, Flora, Olive, Phoebe, and Vivien Leigh will all be invoiced THIS WEEK. Tutti, Robin awake, Robin asleep, and Amaya will all be invoicing soon. Last but not least Elara by Jade Warner is on pre-order today! Elara is a vinyl reborn Alien doll kit by Jade Warner. Elara will measure approximately thirteen to Fourteen inches in length when complete and has full arms and full bent legs. A custom body made for Elara will be included with this kit. We are the exclusive dealers for this amazing doll kit in North America (USA and CANADA). and Mexico. Details: Doll Kit: Elara by Jade Warner Full Price: 89.99 Suggested Body: Included Eye Size: (18mm)Flat Back or Taxidermy Eyes suggested (in some of the photos it shows all black eyes...these are the taxidermy eyes). Limbs: Full Arms and Full Bent Legs Length: 13.5-14" Head Circumference: 10" Limited Edition: TBD